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I Decided To Do Study Abroad Brazil

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Let me explain how I decided to do study abroad brazil. I took a class audio visual with one of my classmate, Gisele who stated she had been to Brazil the year before. Ms. Gisele stated that it was the best experience that could have ever happen to her. She explain to me that learning about other cultural living would be an eye opener to the things that we in the U.S. take for granted. She recommended me to at least look into the program. So I did.

As I got more and more interested in the program, I got more and more excited. I was more excited when I got my financial situation under control to allow myself to participate in the study abroad program. The financial aid help to assist with the financial aid for the summer. Lara Wasner the Director of Language and Training was so patient and she did her best to work with every one who wanted to do Study Abroad Brazil.

I was a little scared at first but then I realized that most of my peers had never did such an experience. Why not be the first to do so. After my experience to Brazil, I to, encourage others to take advantage of such opportunities like Study Abroad Brazil program or other programs. Programs like Study Abroad Brazil will show you a whole new world of living. Go 4 it! You will be amazed!

Ms. Garrrettt!

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It Has Been a Minute

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Hello Blog Readers,

My trip to Mississippi was an experience I will never forgot and my trip to Brazil. I have not blog sense I’ve been home. The reason why is that I came home to find out my dad has liver cancer that has spreaded to his lungs and kidneys. Yall, its not looking good at all. Then we had a little hope to slow down the spreading with chomo but on Friday the doctors told my family and I that there is nothing they can do. Wow! What a kick in the stomache for me. My relationship with my dad has been so wonderful from my childhood years to my adults years. I’m thinking that I’m in denial because of course you believe that your parents will be here forever. I remember last October me and my dad took a motorcycle class because we were going to purchase some bikes to ride together. Well that will not happen now and my world has been torn to pieces.

Although my mom is holding up better than I am. I try to stay strong and focus because of her and my dad. He wants me to continue school and work my jobs but it is so hard to do so. All I think about is will the family be able to function without him. He’s been our rock for so long I never would have imagine this at all.

I want to apologize for not blogging but my mind hasn’t been into it. He’s home now under hospice care. I decided to blog today and try to get some things off my mind. Thank you for the shoulder.

I love you Pops!

Ms. Garrrettt!

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In 2009 Hawanya Garrett was afraid she wouldn’t make it to Brazil. UDM’s two-week intensive program in Brazil made it possible for Garrett, a UDM student and full-time employee at Trinity Health Systems, to study abroad. She’d been granted the time off from work, and her summer financial aid would cover tuition. Things were aligned for Garrett, an accounting and communications studies major, to study language, culture and religion in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (a UNESCO world heritage site).

Then passport, travel visa, and insurance fees started adding up—each, a reality check on her finances. She grew nervous when she found out her disbursement check would arrive after the program fee deadline, which sent her scrambling for ways to cover costs. Just when she thought she might not make it out of Detroit, Jamie Dylenski ’98, and her husband Bob Dylenski made a donation to support CLAE students studying abroad.

Brazil Program Director Lara Wasner couldn’t wait to share the news with her students. The donation was enough to offset the costs of four program participants, all UDM students, including Hawanya, who, without it, may not have been able to go. The Dylenski family plans to provide an ongoing scholarship to support study abroad at UDM.

The Brazil program, which highlights parallels between slavery in the U.S. and Brazil, draws many minority students. “Generosity like Jamie’s helps us continue to make this program relevant, accessible, and affordable to all of our students,” says Wasner. “I was a bit concerned when my list of 30 prospective students in March dropped to only seven confirmed in April, one month before departure. We might not have had a program this year if help from Jamie hadn’t arrived. She was part of the solution from the start.”

Jamie Dylenski ’98,who graduated with a Master’s in Religious Studies and is a member of the CLAE Alumni Council, was part of a formation team that met with CLAE’s Dean Charles Marske, CLAE’s Director of Advancement Jennifer Dafoe and study abroad program directors Art Beer (Greece), Sarah Stever (Italy) and Lara Wasner (Brazil) to strategize about program solvency amid the economic downturn. As program directors, all were tuned into international education trends—and all were braced for the economy’s impact on study abroad.

According to International Educator magazine (July 2009), President Barack Obama encourages study abroad, even in tough economic times. The new administration sees such programs as supporting a new era of U.S. engagement in the world, stating that “exchanges can break down walls between us.”

Garrett cannot imagine not having had this experience. “My visit to Brazil not only taught me that slavery was global, this experience has given me the ability to embrace other cultures, to value family and friends more, to appreciate and be satisfied with what I have versus what I think I want or need. I would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone.”

To make a donation to support a CLAE study abroad program, call Jennifer M. Dafoe, director of CLAE Development, at 313-993-1429 or e-mail dafoejm@udmercy.edu.

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Think Brazil Right Now

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Today was cloudy and rainy in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi for the Alternative Spring Break. As my group volunteer to build homes for the Katrina Hurricane victims. With this weather I could have stayed in Michigan for the type of weather we’re getting. But over all it was a productive day. We started putting plywood on the roof today. I wish I could upload pictures but I’m getting an error message. I will at a later date so check back. Some of us was on the roof top nailing and placing the plywood in the right position. Of course not me, I tried to do some but the height was a little to much for me. I applaud Melissa Kin she was up there like the men pounding away and walking on the roof like it was the cement ground. Just my luck I would have slip off. The other Melissa was a trooper as well. Chuck, Brian and ReShawn was on the roof like they was the contracters. ReShawn was having a blast! Jeanine, Amy and I was the only three that was scared to get on the roof.

Tomorrow we start the sidings on the house.

We’ve made two trips to Sonic, three trips to Walmart, we plays cards, ate at a restaurant that was not so good and I blog. That’s how our evening goes! Woot! Woot!

Wishing I was in Brazil right now. Thinking of the sun, the water, the heat, the food and the culture. What a beautiful place! How do I know about Brazil? I experience Brazil last year with the intent of going back this year. Come join me!

Ms. Garrrettt!

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Hello Blog Readers,

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little or alot about me. I’m Hawanya Garrett. I will keep you updated and encourage you to experience the Brazil Study Abroad Program this year. The Brazil Study Abroad Program will change your life on how you view the world. I went last year and had a blast! My experience details and more to come.

I’m a transfer student from Macomb Community College (www.macomb.edu). I received my Associate Degree in Accounting, December 15, 2006. I’ll never forget that date because it took me six years to finish.

I registered at UDMercy the winter of 2007. I was a little scared coming from a community college to a university. I assumed it was mostly younger kids from high school and that I wouldn’t fit in because of my age. I won’t give that out! Haha. Once I started my classes and got familiar with the campus I observed students in my age bracket. I must say that the younger generation has embraced me very well. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to attend class and learn from them as well as the professors. Time has passed now, I’m a senior, thank you all for the love!

I’m pursuing a duel degree. The first degree is in Communication Studies (Public Relations) and Accounting (CPA). I work two jobs. I’ve been at my day job (Trinity Senior Living Communities) for 10 years as a staff accountant. I work part-time at The WestinHotel Southfield midnights on Friday & Saturday. I also help my mother with my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s (http://www.alz.org). Grandma Florence is what I call her. She’s so precious.

If you have any questions please ask, post a comment or email me at garretht@udmercy.edu.

I’ve chatted enough… We’ll chat again soon…

Ms. Garrrettt!

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