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I Decided To Do Study Abroad Brazil

Posted by: toor | March 23, 2010 | 1 Comment |

Let me explain how I decided to do study abroad brazil. I took a class audio visual with one of my classmate, Gisele who stated she had been to Brazil the year before. Ms. Gisele stated that it was the best experience that could have ever happen to her. She explain to me that learning about other cultural living would be an eye opener to the things that we in the U.S. take for granted. She recommended me to at least look into the program. So I did.

As I got more and more interested in the program, I got more and more excited. I was more excited when I got my financial situation under control to allow myself to participate in the study abroad program. The financial aid help to assist with the financial aid for the summer. Lara Wasner the Director of Language and Training was so patient and she did her best to work with every one who wanted to do Study Abroad Brazil.

I was a little scared at first but then I realized that most of my peers had never did such an experience. Why not be the first to do so. After my experience to Brazil, I to, encourage others to take advantage of such opportunities like Study Abroad Brazil program or other programs. Programs like Study Abroad Brazil will show you a whole new world of living. Go 4 it! You will be amazed!

Ms. Garrrettt!

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I thought about doing that program too, but unfortunately I didn’t have the finances to cover it. I imagine it has to be a wonderful opportunity with great sites and unique food. Make sure you take lots of pictures…

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