Jun 05

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

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For UDM’s First Year Experience (FYE) Common Read, we’ve designed the program to introduce you—as a first-year student—to the academic and intellectual culture of the University of Detroit Mercy through a common reading experience.

All first-year students are expected to read the book over the summer and participate in discussions during fall orientation, Prologues, Transitions, and Viewpoints (PTV), and various other activities planned during the fall term. The 2011 Common Read selection is The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

About the Book
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Enjoy the summer and I look forward to meeting you in the fall.

Monica J. Williams
Dean of Students

For more information about UDM, or to apply online, go to www.udmercy.edu/apply.

Aug 29

His death

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Randy was given the fatal diagnosis on August 2007.  He was told he only had 3 to 6 months left to live, and he lived way over those few months.  Randy lost his fight with cancer on July 25, 2008.  Randy is truly an inspiring person and I feel honored to have watched his last lecture online and to have read his book.

Aug 29

The end

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I really enjoyed this book and I feel like I learned a lot from Randy.  I am going to watch his last lecture on youtube and I welcome everyone to do so as well.

Aug 29

The Dreams will Come to YOU

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Randy says at the end of his lecture that if you live your life the right way, that karma will be good to you.  If you live your life correctly then the dreams will come to you.  I really agree with these statements, because I believe that if you do what is right karma will be good to you.  Randy at the very end of his lecture says that this was for his kids and he shows a picture of himself and his kids.  I really loved this part and also that the book ended on this note.

Aug 29

Dreams for my Children

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Randy talks about all of the dreams he has for his children and what he can see them doing.  I really admire Randy for the fact that he says he just wants his kids to be happy.  He does not want them to think he would of wanted them to do something specific.  He just simply wants them to live happy lives.  I find it so crazy that even near his end, he continued to be an amazing father and husband to Jai.  Randy never felt bad for himself or tried blaming other people for his cancer.  I also really love that he made videos for his children, so they can know exactly what he was like with them.

Aug 29

All You Have to Do is Ask

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I really enjoyed this chapter because it is something that not everyone thinks about.  Randy went to Disney with his son and his father.  His son wanted to sit in the front of the monorail, and so did his father.  Randy simply walked up to the employee and asked if they could sit in front.  She said yes and all Randy had to do was ask.  Some people are afraid of asking for help or for favors.  Don’t be afraid to ask, you may be surprised by the answer you get.

Aug 29

I know that EVERYONE can really relate to this chapter!  Everyone has made a mistake and had to apologize.   Hopefully, everyone also understands the difference between a good and bad apology.  Randy really breaks down exactly what makes up a good apology.  I have to say I completely agree with him, since I have gotten bad apologies before.  I have heard the “I am sorry but you should be sorry too” apology and that was worse than no apology at all.  What types of bad apologies have you gotten?

Aug 29

Look for the best in EVERYBODY

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Randy talks about some advice he got while being a Disney Imagineer.  “If you wait long enough, people will surprise and impress you.”  This is a piece of advice that everyone can use.  I know I do not always look for the best in everyone, but I try to.  No one is perfect, but it is good to give everyone a chance, you may just be surprised what you get.

Aug 29

Don’t complain, just work harder

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Randy talks about his landlord from college, Sandy.  Sandy never complained he just lived his life.  Sandy is a quadriplegic, he was unable to use any of his limbs.  Sandy told his finance at the time of the accident if she wanted to leave him she could, and she did.  Sandy was in his thirties and his attitude really wowed Randy, and myself.  Sandy got a hard working job, got married and adopted children.  This is a very good life lesson.  Do not complain about the cards you are dealt, just make the best of them.  Do you have someone inspiring in your life like Sandy?

Aug 29

Raising the White Flag

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In this chapter Randy talks about his mother always calling him Randolph.  Randy absolutely hated the name Randolph and could not stand being called it.  His mother insisted though to in calling him Randolph.  Randy fought with his mother for a while about the extra “olph”.  She would send him letters addressed Randolph and he refused to open them.  It got to the point where his mother would get the letters she sent back because Randy would not open them.  Randy a few years ago decided to just give up on the situation.  I can greatly relate to this since my full name is Abigale and I absolutely hate it.  Does anyone hate their name or a nickname that your parents call you?

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