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Celebrate Mardi Gras at a Microbrewery!

Posted by: bryansr | February 21, 2012 | No Comment |

Happy Mardi Gras! I am not of French descent, but I do have an appreciate for (and a minor in) French language and culture. To commemorate the occasion, I have on a green shirt, some beads, my curly hair in a wild bun, and thick black glasses in lieu of a mask. It’s not a bad look; the French do it right.

Today also happens to be the February edition of Brewing¬†Chemistry. Still held at the historic Traffic Jam and Snug, this month’s topic is “The Role of Chemistry in the Development of Regional Styles if Beer and Ale” as presented by Mark Allen Thomson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry,¬†Department of Physical Sciences, Ferris State University.

Not only will the professor elaborate on the entire process of creating the product (with a special emphasis on Chemistry and Microbiology), but he will connect those facets to the familiar categories of aroma, color, taste, etc. In other words, what does one need to do to make the different types of beers?

The event beings at 7pm at the Traffic Jam and Snug. A few friends and I will be going tonight, so be sure to stop by! Yell out “Lisa!” and I’ll be sure to stop for a chat.

Hope to see you tonight,

Lisa Cocco

Sophomore, 5-Year Physician Assistant

Biology, ’15

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