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Hunger and Homelessness Week/OPEN MIC NIGHT TUESDAY!

Posted by toor on November 17, 2009

This week is Hunger and Homelessness Week and there are events planned everyday to help out the homeless or raise awareness for all the people starving and living outside everyday. Detroit is at the focal point of this issue because with largely increasing unemployment rate, more people are getting kicked to the curb as their homes are foreclosed.

Monday: Today Fasting for and with others occurred in which students could donate the money they normally spend on lunch to the cause. Students who signed up got a free wrist band showing their support. Also in LS 113 the Soloist was played on the big screen.

TUESDAY: In GROUNDS COFFEEHAUS their is an open mic/poetry night from 7-11pm.  Also here there will be a Panel of Faces, which I am not sure what that is yet but if you come to Grounds tomorrow you can figure out! The last couple Open Mic Nights were a great success and a ton of fun so come out bring your friends and enjoy the show.

Wednesday: VOLUNTEERS are needed to help feed over 1000 homeless people for the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dearborn. This is hosted by N.O.A.H. and students can sign up to help out outside of Campus Ministry. Volunteers are needed from 11-2pm so PLEASE try to HELP OUT! Also the Phi Beta Sigma’s are hosting a Sleep Out where students spend the whole night outside without blankets or tents. This helps raise awareness and gives people a real life experience of what it is like to be homeless.

Thursday: At 7pm in the Fountain Lounge there is a Concert Against Hunger featiromg tje Bad Cat amd Freematics. During the day the TDR will be closed for the International Friendship Luncheon in the Ballroom. Students are encouraged to bring a can of food and will get $1 off their meal if they do. Every year there is food from so many different cultures and countries. I love eating lunch this day because of the variety and new tastes.

Friday: Outside of Campus Ministry they will be collected Letters of Love from students to the homeless.
This week be part of the change! I helped out Sunday by doing APO’s Sandwich Bus in which we made sandwiches and lunches for the homeless and physically delivered them to as many homeless people we could find around Detroit.
Comment Below about how you made a difference…

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