Let Down

January 29th, 2011

Today I had my annual review with my supervisor at my day job.  Although my review was the best ever;  I assumed I was getting a promotion.  From my last review it was stated that I did not need my degree to move up to the next level.  All I need to do is to continue to show motivation and be proactive.  Come to find out my supervisor never considered me this year for a promotion.  Now, this year was stated that I need a degree, maintain a professional image ( where that came from I don’t know) but I’m not going to speculate.  It was also stated that I needed to take on more projects.  I’ve been with the company for 10 1/2 years.  My last promotion was 2007 right after I got my Associate degree. 

As a matter of fact I’m working towards 2 degrees… One I will finish in May 2011 and the other I will complete in about a year or so.  Now, maintaining a professional image I do to best of my ability…  I’m unclear of what that meant.  I don’t dress in an unprofessional way.  I don’t use bad language at work.  I’m open to take on more work and help others.  I have a good relationship with my all my co-workers.  So I’m unclear at this time.  For the past year, I’ve taken on more work and did several projects… Once again I’m unclear… 

So basically my high hopes to move up has been let down…  What should I do?

Ms. Garrrettt!

I’m a Blogger!

January 27th, 2011

img_0432Well my fellow viewers is its my last semester of blogging for you.  I hope everyone enjoyed my blog.  I also hope to continue with my own blog after graduation.  This has been real fun and exciting to write my thoughts down for you to read.  I have followed other blogs to get an idea of what I want my website/blog to look like… I haven’t came up with a good design, background or logo.

My goal is to blog and post information about Detroit and celebrities in the entertainment industry (good and bad) but the truth.  So be on the lookout for me…  I’m an up coming blogger!

Ms. Garrrettt!

Happy Holidays

December 18th, 2010

Be Well and Be Safe my blog readers:

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

We shall meet again next year…

Ms. Garrrettt!

Winter Snow Falls

December 18th, 2010

The other day old man winter came to say, Hello! Why do drivers, including myself get brand new when the first snow falls? I didn’t want to go outside… I didn’t go into work… I was sooooo scared of the outside as if that was my first time seeing snow and it was cold. But the catch is that I’ve been living here my whole life, I should be use to it. Cars were sliding into other cars, traffic was a mess and the roads were horrific. Yet, we as drivers go through this every year. What happens? Are we so use to the dry pavement and the sunny skies that we forget how to drive in the rain and snow. This was just the begginning there is still January, February and March left to go. Continue to be safe my drivers!

Ms. Garrrettt!


December 18th, 2010

When I was younger… I didn’t care for education. But now, as an adult, I believe education is the key that no one can take from you. I emphasized to my nieces and nephews all the time..”Don’t wait until you’re my age (37) to get an education because the opportunities are their for you now”. I’m not saying that I’m to old to get an education but it’s much harder today than when I came out of high school. The kids today are more attractive to their peers, their cell phones, their video games, and ipods. Don’t get me wrong, their sharp on how to work those gadgets. Because I ask my nephew all the time to show me how to work my cannon digital camera over and over again.

I’m saying this because if the next generation don’t realize and grab the educational opportunities it might not be their for long. Over in Europe the tuition has triple the cost for education. I know education is expensive but the knowledge is priceless… For all the up coming high school graduates, college may or may not be for you but I strongly encourage YOU to at least try it and see what you can development within… YOU!

Ms. Garrrettt!

Money Changes Everything

December 18th, 2010

A friend told me that money change everything for the good. Do you believe that? In my opinion money can do good for people, for the right reasons. However, I think that money changes people who are not humble enough to handle large portions of money. Money is sometimes considered a lust. A lust for power, material things, some cases for lust can break-up homes and damage long-term relationships. The definition for lust is a passionate or overmastering desire or craving usually followed by a lust for power. (www.dictionary.com). Recently, the news and media have shown what money and power can do. It’s the greed that create a monster. A monster for wanting more, more and more.

Ms. Garrrettt!

Not Enough Time

December 4th, 2010

Well the holidays are here. I know there are many people that just don’t have alot of time. I can say me too! With the workload I have at my jobs, the things I have to do at home such as laundry and lots of cleaning not to mention the papers I’ve been writing… I need another 24 hours in 1 day. Where does the time go?

I thought with the holidays fast approaching I would be able to catch up because everything slows down but this year it’s much busier than last year. There is definitely no deficit with the economy… from doing some research some companies are doing well with their bottom line and more people are employed.

During the week, once my morning starts it doesn’t end until after the news at night. When my day finally shuts down the only thing left for me to do is get ready for bed… To get back up and do it all over again the next day. (Work and School) Now, when Friday arrives I’m up the whole weekend working my day job and the part-time (midnights) job. So just tell me where can I fit in laundry and cleaning? Where can I fit in errands that need to be done? I LOVE my jobs and I LOVE going to school. I can only prioritized so much of my busy schedule but I gotta do what I gotta do. I’m not complaining I just need MORE time! HELP!

Ms. Garrrettt!


November 20th, 2010

Recently, I had the opportunity to be apart of the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice in Washington, DC. This is my second year attending the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice Event. The Ignatian Solidarity Network promotes leadership and advocacy among student, alumni, and other leaders from Jesuit schools, parishes and ministries. The Ignatian Solidarity Network educates its members on social justice issues by forming a national network to address those issues. They encourage a life-long commitment to the “service of faith and promotion of justice”. Although I’m not involved in political issues, I wanted to educate myself to what’s going on in our society. I learned the vision of the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice is that they are grounded in the spiritual vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola and committed to “The Gospel of Jesus Christ in which faith and justice are undivided”. The Ignatian Solidarity Network (ISN) unites Jesuit institutions and the broader Ignatian family for a transformative experience of solidarity. The Ignatian Solidarity Network was inspired by the witness of the Salvadoran martyrs. ISN is committed to serving the next generation of leaders who will shape the church’s work for faith and justice. ISN strives to create a community of empowered individuals and institutions rooted in Christian faith, committed to Gospel justice and united in a common purpose (www.ignatiansolidarity.net).

I traveled with the UDM students who met with Michigan Senators and their staffers in Washington, D.C. The students met with the Senators and their staffers to discuss legalization that ensures undocumented immigrants to have access to full rights. I spoke with a student colleague, who is an undocumented immigrant. She came to the states as a young girl from Mexico. She never received her citizenship in the U.S. and she have been an honor student all of her school years. She told me that because she was an undocumented immigrant it was very hard for her to received grants, and in some cases scholarships to attend college. Some colleges decline her acceptance because of her immigration status. I was so uneducated about this issue. My perception of immigrants was that they get tax breaks, grants and scholarships all kinds of perks because they came over to the U.S. This was definitely an opportunity to educate myself on social issues.

Why can’t we unite as humans, all race, all cultures, all countries?

Ms. Garrrettt!

Social Media

November 8th, 2010

Let’s talk about social media. FYI:

Ladies and gentlemen:

The other day I sat in on a webinar for Security in the face of Social Media. Just because social media improves efficiency and cost effectiveness of advertising spend, builds team spirit for organizations and is a two-way communication utilized by individuals each of us still have to protect our identity. Any social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Linkedlin, Twitter, You Tube, and Blogs we should pay close attention to what we post and what we put on our profiles.

Now, I know some posts are entertaining and other posts are business related but the risks and concerns is identity theft. Not to mention, some pictures, posts and comments maybe inappropriate from an organization perspective. These risks may involve hiring decisions from an employers view. One post can reveal alot about you. Everyone is accessing your information including this post. So how many people do you trust? (webinars.plantemoran.com)

I suggest that we protect our profiles. We can do so on any social media sites by doing the following; customize your privacy settings, check privacy seetings for each post, reduce the amount of personal information shared, be careful on who you befriend online. Always delete older posts and make a conscious decision whether you want to cross the personal and professional boundaries and act accordingly. Create strong passwords. Remember some public WiFi can be hacked so be aware of the websites which you explore that has your personal information when you log in. (webinars.plantemoran.com)

What an eye opener for me!

Ms. Garrrettt!

Without Technology

October 23rd, 2010

I can remember when cell phones came out… ok I don’t wanna tell my age… haha But when cell phones started to be the popular trend in the early 90’s everyone was so excited. The big gray bulky phones where nothing like we have today.

What did you do before there were cell phones? Well I had a technology crashed the other day and couldn’t focus. My phone went completely dead. I couldn’t dial out, I couldn’t answer calls, I couldn’t access internet on my phone for two days. I tell you my friends I was levit! I couldn’t focus the whole time. I was on the phone with my service provider and they couldn’t tell me how to fixed the problem.
I needed to update a new software version for my phone that is two years old, however it took 8 eight hours to do so. Just see how we are so dependent on technology when we’re without.

I gotta try and wing a little back to the old days when we didn’t have cell phones. Just a little! 🙂

Ms. Garrrettt!