Hello Blog Readers,

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little or alot about me.  I’m Hawanya Garrett.  First, this is my first experience with maintaining a blog, so wish me luck.

I’m a transfer student from Macomb Community College (  I received my Associate Degree in Accounting, December 15, 2006.  I’ll never forget that date because it took me six years to finish. 

I registered at UDMercy the winter of 2007.  I was a little scared coming from a community college to a university.  I assumed it was mostly younger kids from high school and that I wouldn’t fit in because of my age.  I won’t give that out! Haha.  Once I started my classes and got familiar with the campus I observed students in my age bracket.  I must say that the younger generation has embraced me very well.   I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to attend class and learn from them as well as the professors.  Time has passed now, I’m a senior, thank you all for the love!

I’m pursuing a duel degree.  The first degree is in Communication Studies (Public Relations) and Accounting (CPA).  I work two jobs.  I’ve been at my day job (Trinity Senior Living Communities) for 10 years as a staff accountant.  I work part-time at The WestinHotel Southfield midnights on Friday & Saturday.  I also help my mother with my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s (  Grandma Florence is what I call her.  She’s so precious. 

If you have any questions please ask, post a comment or email me at

I’ve chatted enough… We’ll chat again soon…

Ms. Garrrettt!

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