Without Technology

I can remember when cell phones came out… ok I don’t wanna tell my age… haha But when cell phones started to be the popular trend in the early 90’s everyone was so excited. The big gray bulky phones where nothing like we have today.

What did you do before there were cell phones? Well I had a technology crashed the other day and couldn’t focus. My phone went completely dead. I couldn’t dial out, I couldn’t answer calls, I couldn’t access internet on my phone for two days. I tell you my friends I was levit! I couldn’t focus the whole time. I was on the phone with my service provider and they couldn’t tell me how to fixed the problem.
I needed to update a new software version for my phone that is two years old, however it took 8 eight hours to do so. Just see how we are so dependent on technology when we’re without.

I gotta try and wing a little back to the old days when we didn’t have cell phones. Just a little! 🙂

Ms. Garrrettt!

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