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Spring Break and Routines

May 7, 2011 · No Comments

By Ethan Sims

It is funny how 4 months seemed like such a long time when I was looking at it from the front end. School is in the process of wrapping itself up for us. Deadlines speak to us by rather matter-of-factly replacing “It will end, eventually.” with “It is ending, ready or not.” For some this transition is more harsh than for others. It being our stay, our lifestyle, and those simple little routines that we humans are so good at developing.

I tell you from experience that the routines become a comfort no matter where you are. So if you are reading this and are wondering just how green (exciting) the grass is on this side of the Atlantic, I can pretty confidently say that it is about as green as the grass in your own lawn, they just cut it differently here. If I would be staying over the summer I know that they would continue and pretty soon Warsaw would become home. Because like routines, the comfort of home moves too, right? What am I saying? Of course I will be ready to go home… Maybe I am a home-body (now I can really realize that that past statement was pretentious). Who am I kidding? Home is where I am from, and an inherent part of that is the fact that the people I am fortunate to call family are there. But I am not quite ready yet…

Anyway, as we are all getting back from Spring (yes it feels like that here too) Break we are feeling more than just the weather change. I can only speak for myself here, but I can once again cherish the simple mannerisms of the people here that I will miss, I can feel the simple joy of once again finding myself caught off guard by something that has over time become routine. Like the man on the street corner or at the crosswalk. When he could have just as easily answered his phone “Hello?” to complete my dream, he instead says “Tak, sucham.” And the rest of the world fades away and I realize I have to walk across the street or I might get hit by a biker (which almost happened to me yesterday).

The city is always in a hurry here but now there are bikers cutting through the streets and sidewalks adding a new tier to its constant movement. The movement of cars outside of my window is another thing I am able to smile at while sitting here writing. The cars here are about the size of one of my roller skates back home… only kidding, I don’t own any roller skates. But they are noticeably small (coming from America) and many people drive them quite fast and with sporadic rather jerky movements. Picture moving toward a red light with your foot still on the gas pedal and only breaking (not coasting) until you realize you need to stop or you will remake the bumper of the car in front of you. Even with the size and pressure of the break pedal barely making it to a stop before the bumper of the little car in front of you. This is why I smile while writing here. It is a phenomenon not possible with American cars simply due to their size, and obvious alien mindset to me personally. It is a nice break from the routine and from my storyboards that will help me with the presentation on Thursday.

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