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Pawel Trebach on Following Urban Structure

November 18, 2011 · No Comments

Pawel Trebach demonstrated how the formal design of a building ties in with the fabric of buildings, roads, parks, and the views around it. Reducing the decisions into simple diagrams made it easy to follow his lecture. As I was sitting and listening closely to him speak in the noisy room I began to think about some things.

Even though it was difficult to make out his words sometimes, the diagrams spoke almost entirely by themselves. Speaking as a student I feel the actual process of design is lost oftentimes at this stage of communication- the architect and his building dancing only in his head. Why do we (as designers) take the communication of the design to so many places other than the minds of the listener? Where does it go? We use stylized abstractions such as renderings, plans, and sections to tell about how we see the building, but I feel like it is so often lost. Somewhere else.

It feels so difficult to take a process that took such a long time (perhaps too long) and reduce it to simple lines and shapes. This lecture was a good reminder for me about the process of distilling that happens between design and communication. I once heard someone say something about how the poet can easily make an entire room feel uncomfortable if he or she said what was really meant, but the same idea could be said in simple terms to communicate a beauty they would have otherwise not known.

I learned a lot from Pawel while I was in Poland about this process of communication. Sometimes it was difficult because between the thick, red, unexpressive lines about public domains and green spaces I would imagine people laying on the grass or hearing the fountains. But without that thick red line there will be no experience, the words that could have brought a beauty, brought discomfort instead.

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