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Happy Friday! TGIF! For real! I feel like this week has been the longest week ever! I’m not working at Red Lobster tonight nor do I have anything else really to do! So excited to kick back and chill for once J

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One More Day…

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So I got up and did my usual routine, then after lunch I went to the library and worked on my Intercultural Comm homework. We have to write a response paper about how some words don’t translate in other languages and some do and when they translate sometimes they don’t mean the same thing. It was kind of a confusing topic but I did the best I could. Then I did an extra credit assignment that could earn me 30% on my midterm grade – that’s HUGE!! I’ve never had any professor offer that much extra credit for any class or any assignment. I finished the extra credit a few minutes before class and then left for class. I felt like class took forever today! My professor passed out 14 handouts!!! That is ridiculous! It was so much material and we still have two weeks of lecture till the next exam. We talked about the Muslim culture the whole class period and then at the end of class, the professor assigned another reading response – it wouldn’t be so bad but these usually end up being 5 page papers for me :/ Then after class I went back to my room and got ready for the Phenomenal Women’s dinner on campus. Each year a dinner is put on in March to honor women. The dinner is free to all students and a scholarship is given out as well. The scholarship this year was $500! And the food is good too J My sorority sisters and I make a point to go each year to not only represent ourselves, but to represent all Greek Women.

After dinner I was feeling so good I went and worked out again! I don’t know what has gotten into me but this whole working out thing is turning into something I’m craving. Then after working out I had to meet with the rest of my sorority officers to go over a few things and then of course, we had Greek Week practice again. Practice ended early though because someone got hurt. It was completely unintentional but we decided to stop on that note. And thenn I came back to my room & went and got taco bell with my roommates and then we studied and called it a night.

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Halfway Over

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Soo the week is halfway over :))

So exhausted—had such a long day! I literally studied for 6 hours for my advertising exam and I still think I did really bad L Oh well, I still have the final and a homework assignment to be factored into my grade. And I guess I didn’t do all too shabby on the first 2 tests – ugh I hate stressing over classes. Soo I did my normal routine this morning – I can’t believe I can do over 3 miles on the elliptical already – I’m so so happy. I would love to be in the same shape I was in high school, we will see about that though lol. Then I went to lunch & spent the day in the library. I got sick of it at about 5 so I went back to East and grabbed my roommates and went to dinner. Then we just goofed around until my exam. I studied so much at that point I didn’t even care to study anymore! For the first half of class our professor just lectured and then for the second half we took the exam. I was literally done in 10 minutes so I don’t think I did all that bad. Oh well I will see next week when our professor gives us our exams back. Then after class I got ready for Greek Week practice which lasted until 12:30 am—uhhhh so exhausting. And then I looked over my homework for intercultural communications and went to bed.

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The Longest Day of My Life!

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So I got up early today and worked out and then got ready and went to lunch. Then after lunch I worked on my public opinions extra credit. The extra credit isn’t due until April 1 but I just wanted to get it done ahead of time so I wouldn’t be bombarded with all of my other papers, projects and exams I have coming up at the end of the semester—not to mention that with Greek Week coming up I will have absolutely no time as well. The extra credit is really cool though because it goes directly to our midterm grade that ends up being 30% of our final grade. All we had to do was read over this packet about political campaigns and how much polling and surveying is part of a campaign and then summarize a section of it. The more you summarized the more extra credit you will get. Since I already had the highest midterm grade in the class I didn’t have to summarize that much but I did anyways. Sometimes professors are crazy and over estimate or underestimate your grade so I always do as much as I can. Especially if you go above and beyond, professors usually see this and use it to help determine your final grade. Anyways, I summarized the part about all of the different kinds of polls and how they are used in the election. The type of poll and its results can determine the next move of the person campaigning. Although you may not think but, polls can really effect how the public votes or if they even vote at all. If a poll shows that a candidate is way ahead – some citizens may not make the effort to go vote because they think their vote will be pointless. So it’s always important to consider the source of the poll and that company’s credibility. After I finished the extra credit, then I worked on my actual homework for the class. I helped finalize the questions we will be asking in our poll about same sex marriage.

After finishing up all of my homework then I had class from 2:00 – 4:30. Then after class I went and napped. Lol I couldn’t help myself—I was so tired! Then I went and had dinner at the TDR and then went to my Public Relations Campaigns class at 6:40. Class was good – we went over everyone’s rough drafts of their PR plan and then discussed what we could all do to make ours better and offered suggestions to one another. It actually surprised me how many ideas my classmates had about my project because my role is more of a publicist than public relations. Then we also discussed the factor of “buzz” and viral advertising. With facebook, twitter, Digg and other social media sites, people will advertise a product without ever realizing it. Sometimes it can be good and sometimes it can be bad. Customer service and making customers happy should be a top priority these days considering how easily people can communicate. Class went until 9:15 so I had to rush to my sorority meeting at 9:30. Then our meeting got done at 10:30 and then after our meeting we had practice for Greek Week. We got done with practice at midnight and then I finally came back to my room! Uhh!! what a long day!! I wish my night would have ended there but then I started studying for my advertising exam that I have tomorrow. So stressed because I haven’t even started studying for it yet but I’ve had so many other things going on! I’m going to bed soon though so I can get up and study early in the morning.

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Ughhh Monday….

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So apparently I haven’t been posting right. I don’t know what my deal is, sometimes I post these right and other times I don’t. I need to start checking myself.

So week number 2 after spring break, definitely getting back into the grind of things. I love Monday’s so much, it’s just my day to get things done. I got up real early and got my day started with a good workout at the fit zone J I got 3 miles in before 10 am! Lol go me! Then I came back to east quad and got ready for the day and then went to lunch with my sorority sisters. At 1:30 I had advising for the fall with my advisor – I can’t believe I’m going to be a senior already! I feel like just yesterday I started college. Butttt, I’m completely stressed out because I have to take 21 credits in the fall! What the heck am I thinking?? I didn’t realize I was behind that much, but I guess I need to take that many to be on schedule to graduate NEXT MAY!!! Crazyyyyyy how time flies so fast. I just want to get through the year and then hopefully find a job – I’m so nervous I won’t. At least I have Red Lobster to fall back on in the time being. Hopefully though I can take a class or two over the summer to lighten my load in the fall – it would be nice. Hopefully I can take the classes at a community college so it will be a lot cheaper! I just have to make sure it transfers though. The fall is so busy, especially with the sorority. And since it’s my last year I want to make the best of it and not spend every spare moment I have studying. Then I went to the library all day and just studied and worked on sorority stuff. Then as usual after studying all day I had my officers meeting and after that we practiced some events for Greek week all night. Uhh I love Greek week but it gets so exhausting having practice every night until Greek week – which is the week after Easter.

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1 Class Left!

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Only one class left till spring break!!! I can’t wait to get this dang exam over with! Studying all morning & afternoon till my exam at 2:00. Seriously need to treat myself as soon as it’s over because I’ve been focusing on it 24/7 for the past week!

I can’t wait to go home, even though I don’t have any real big plans. I was going to go on a cruise but I just paid off all of my credit cards so it will be nice to work and relax at home for a little bit.

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Only 2 more days till Spring Break :)

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Happy Wednesday 🙂

Thankfully I don’t have class til 6:40 tonight so I can study all day for my test tomorrow! I can’t wait to get this Intercultural exam knocked out– it’s been on my mind for wayyyyy too long! After this exam I won’t have anything to worry about for a week — what a relief 🙂

Really, I’m so stressed about this exam it’s not even funny– we only have 3 exams and the first one I didn’t do so hot on && I really want an A in the class.

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Ahh I woke up at 1:00 pm today!!! What was wrong with me? I hate sleeping in– I feel like I miss out on so much of the day. And my normal routine gets thrown off and then I feel like my whole day is wasted.

Anyways, today was my longest day of the week. I had my usual 2 classes: Public Opinions and Public Relations Programming. In Public Opinions we just discussed our final projects more in depth and each group decided a more specific question that we are going to base our final project/ survey on. My group finally decided, ” How do you feel about same sex marriage” and we think it would be neat to poll/ survey students on our campus and people who live in the surrounding area. Over spring break we’re going to come up with 10 questions each (per group member) for our survey and then we’re going to discuss them our next class period and then go into further developing our survey.

My Public Relations class today was my favorite class. My professor — who works for Channel 4 news —  had a guest speaker come in to talk about his job. He is the editor for the stations website. We learned a lot about advertising online and what advertising options their website offers. We also learned about how twitter is used to get people to their website as well. In additional, we learned the importance of keeping the public up to date with the latest information. I love love love when my classes have guest speakers. It is a good glimpse of jobs in the real world and sometimes gives me a better idea of what I would like to do in the future.

After class, I had my weekly chapter meeting with the sorority and then I came back and picked up studying for Intercultural Comm where I left off earlier.

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The last Monday before Spring Break!

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Ahh I’m so excited for this week to be over! After my last class on Thursday I will be on Spring break for 12 days! I cannot wait!

Today I’m just going to study all day for my Intercultural Communications Exam — I feel like there is so much material it’s not even funny. Good thing I’ve been building a study guide for about a week now. That is how I do for most of my classes– I start building study guides early so I won’t be overwhelmed at the last minute. I’m going to sit in the library all day until my exec meeting tonight!

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It’s finally Friday! I feel like it has been the longest week ever!

I’m going to have lunch with my mom today and run errands — I can’t wait to just relax 🙂

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