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Ask The Professor Live

Enjoy a decades worth of fantastic ATP broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Episode # 2213

Air date: 12/5/21


Host Matt Mio is joined by Professors Beth Oljar, Stephen Manning, Mara Livezey, Dan Maggio, Jim Tubbs, Heather Hill and Dave Chow.

Download a transcript for this week’s episode –  ATP 2213 transcript_otter_ai

Site: 106 - 'Detroit Mercy Campus Connection' -
Titans Together: COVID-19 data update, Dec. 3

University of Detroit Mercy is posting active and cumulative cases of COVID-19 for fall 2021 on the Titans Together page. These figures will be updated weekly and each week’s numbers will be included in the weekly Campus Connection email.

As of Friday, Dec. 3, there were 29 active cases of students or employees who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 since Nov. 19, 2021; they are in isolation. There were 133 total cases for fall 2021. The total number of known cases among students or employees since March 2020 is 480.

Visit the Titans Together website at

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