During the Fall term 2019, Dr. Friedrich is teaching the following courses:

CHM 2250 – Organic Chemistry Laboratory I: An introductory course covering the basic techniques needed to conduct experiments in an organic chemistry laboratory. Students learn how to plan and run experiments in an organic chemistry laboratory. Some of the products are used as starting materials in ongoing research in the department.

CHM 2270 – Organic Chemistry I: This first part of a two-part course covers nomenclature, spectroscopy, substitution and elimination reactions as well as some functional group interconversions used in organic chemistry. 

CHM 4600 / 5600 – Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery: Topics relevant to medicinal chemistry at the intersection of organic and biological chemistry, natural products and pharmacology will be covered. Modern approaches to drug design including lead discovery, assay development and the optimization of leads will be discussed. This term, the focus is on drugs targeting infections of the central nervous system.