Tagore # 38

Tuesday October 8

Sweet sunrise this morning.   Here’s another of Tagore’s 100 prayer-poems from  Gitanjali  Have a good day.

john st sj

That I want Thee, only thee–let my heart repeat without end.

All desires that distract me, day and night,

are false and empty to the core.

As the night keeps hidden in its gloom the petition for light,

even thus in the depth of my unconsciousness rings the cry–

“I want thee, only thee.”

As the storm still seeks its end in peace when it strikes against

peace with all its might, even thus my rebellion strikes against thy love

and still its cry is–“I want thee, only thee.”

Tagore, Gitanjali  # 38


Tagore died in the city of his birth, Calcutta, in 1941.  He vastly influenced poetry, sacred and secular, not only in India but around the world.  He is the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.  If you buy Gitanjali, a book of 100 short sacred poems, prepare yourself to only read one poem at a time so you can sit with it.  Here is # 1.   These poems have no titles, only numbers.

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