rape & revolutionary love

Wednesday, October 23

A recent grad called me last night to talk about a close women friend who had called him a few days before after she was raped by someone she knew. She was second close friend to open her experience of savage violence in the world of promising and talented and generous young adults. The first was his little sister two years ago. We talked a while about powerlessness and violence, rage and shame. About grief.

It happens that tomorrow is this year’s evening about domestic violence (5:30 Chem 114). Lori Glenn and the College of Health Professions, as well as students from Leadership Development will host. I can’t make it because tomorrow evening UDM’s board will be meeting at the same time. Last year I was there — strong truth telling about date rape and rape in other contexts. Excellent questions from students.

Gender’s creativities and brutalities live within us as a university community. I hope you can be there tomorrow night in Chem 114. Here’s Lori’s announcement.

Please join us for to learn more about dating violence and healthy relationships. We will start with a presentation in Chemistry 114 at 5:30pm. Food will be served. At approximately 7:00pm we will convene in the Kassab Mall to honor victims of all types of domestic violence with a Candlelight Vigil.
Please come!   Bring a friend!   Better yet…bring a date!

Today’s word

Denise Levertov wrote “A Prayer for Revolutionary Love” 20 years ago or so. I have given this to friends many times.
Prayer for Revolutionary Love

That a woman not ask a man to leave meaningful work to follow her
That a man not ask a woman to leave meaningful work to follow him.

That no one try to put Eros in bondage
But that no one put a cudgel in the hands of Eros.
That our loyalty to one another and our loyalty to our work
not be set in false conflict.

That our love for each other give us love for each other’s work
That our love for each other’s work give us love for one another.
That our love for each other’s work give us love for one another.
That our love for each other give us love for each other’s work.

That our love for each other, if need be,
give way to absence. And the unknown.
That we endure absence, if need be,
without losing our love for each other.
Without closing our doors to the unknown.


Have a blest day.


john st sj

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