“Why am I running?”

About 1985,  I conducted an oral history session with Lloyd N. Morrisett, then Director of the Markle Foundation in their Rockefeller Plaza offices.   While I was waiting for my appointment,  I saw this cartoon  on the receptionist’s  personal bulletin board.   I liked it a lot and asked the if I could have a copy.  She made one for me.  I still like it.  It’s been on my office door for years.   Every now and then, when I pause to look at it, I ask myself why I do not look at it more often.   Maybe it came to mind because I’ve been thinking about fatigue levels as we collectively stagger toward Thanksgiving Break.

I’m in San Francisco for a Thomas Edison biography film shoot for the PBS “American Experience” series.  Have a great weekend.

Back on Monday

john st sj

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