Jan 27 — rape and revolutionary love

Monday January 27

Last week Provost Zarkowski  posted an invitation for a Sexual Conduct Policy Workshop this coming Friday afternoon at 3:00 in the PDR.  It’s one of three events offered by Dr Harry Brod (the other two are Thursday and Saturday).   The attached document includes a link where you can register for Friday (plus information about the other two events on Thursday and Saturday).   To call some attention to this week’s three events I am re-posting one of my favorite poems, Denise Levertov’s “Prayer for Revolutionary Love.  Its first post appeared on October 23, the day before UDM’s evening conversation about domestic violence.  It is encouraging that  UDM’s co-hosts have brought in a national figure to help us continue the conversation.

Colder than hell these days, wearing times.    Even so, have a blest day.

john sj

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