April 3 “a long-overdue summer”

Thursday, April 3 “a long-overdue summer”

Don’t mean to be irreverant with this post but I got busy and didn’t have time to find a poem. And I thought this little piece from Crain’s Detroit Business is not without merit. Esp on a day that, once again, does not incline one to imagine dancing among flowers and bees; more today about being glad not to have put winter coats/hats in summer storage yet.
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john sj


“In Detroit, it is as much about the promise of a long-overdue summer as it is batting averages and ERAs.
Don’t get me wrong, the Tigers are poised to make a nice run this year, if they can shore up the bullpen.
But ask Detroit’s bar and restaurant owners what they care about, and they’ll tell you a different story.
To a lot of them, Opening Day is about increased beer sales and the much-needed revenue that comes with it. And it’s about the crowds of thirsty fans who were out in droves this morning, some hitting the bar as early as 7 a.m. It was a welcome sign of things to come.
This has been a long, hard winter for all of us in Michigan, but spring is coming.

Crain’s Detroit Business April 2

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