Sumer Is Icumen In — more versions

Friday  April 11  Feedback

I touched some good nerves with Thursday’s post.  Here are some other great versions of Sumer Is Icumen In.   No 1 from a close friend in London, UK.  No 2 from a friend in Detroit.  No’s 3-5 I collected from YouTube.   Lots of variety in the way this 1000 year old song is sung.  I don’t have a favorite.

1)        Richarfd Thompson  2012
[jwplayer mediaid=”470″]

2)         Opening Ceremonies Olympic Summer games  1972, Munich
[jwplayer mediaid=”471″]

3)         Tens Clar, rama medieval del Ensamble Arsis   December 2010
[jwplayer mediaid=”472″]

4)         The Hilliard Ensemble
[jwplayer mediaid=”473″]

5)         Ensemble Pfeyffer
[jwplayer mediaid=”474″]

I hope you like them.
I hope you have a great weekend.
I hope I have a great weekend
I hope the Tigers have a great weekend

john sj

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