April 25 – savoring the week

Friday April 25, 2014 — savoring

During my morning contemplation when I ordinarily write this post, I noticed a reminder I frequently repeat: “It helps to read a poem out loud. And more than once.” So I read Denise Levertov’s poem “Making Peace” again and then looked at the photo of Nurse Deborah Hughes. Paying attention to these moments in my recent past reminded me that the prayer taught by St Ignatius in The Spiritual Exercises is centered on paying attention to “some more important places in which I have experienced understanding, consolatioin or desolation” (Sp Ex 118). That got me reading back through the week’s posts (https://sites.udmercy.edu/poetry/). It feels like a helpful way to enter Friday morning. Here are some lines from the week that caught my attention.

“I massaged (Utash’s) neck, and got his circulation going.” (Thursday)

“ . . . an engineering feat as well as artistic creativity.
The process of shaping and stacking the stones into a simple oval shape is challenging and intense. “ (Tuesday)

“Delight at our moment’s kinship
freed us from fear
from strategy and burden.” (Wednesday)

“I don’t care whether we get some overnight frosts or another snow storm;
winter ended yesterday out there at the farm.”(Monday)

Have a good weekend. Just below, some pictures from the week as well.

john sj


2014.04.25 Collage

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