Oct 10 – dance around the world

Friday,  October 10  –  time for dancing

I’m at a board meeting (Regis University) in Denver.  And I’ve been posting a fair bit about grief and fatigue.  Here’s a change of pace that you may have seen before on youtube.  It’s 4:53 minutes.  I was skeptical before opening it.   And began bopping around the place. Maybe just right for the Friday before the Columbus Day class schedule long weekend.

I’ll be making retreat next week (Long Island Sound, Connecticutt shore) until Oct 22.  Prayers would be welcome.


john sj

Today’s Post

To match Matisse 1909 & 1910, try this 4:53 youtube  “Where the hell is Matt?” 2012   Treat it like a poem.   Probably an ad you have to click through first.

[jwplayer mediaid=”835″]

Matisse 1909                                                        Matisse 1910Matisse1909Matisse1910

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