Feb 18 – UDM Admissions Counselor Retreat

Wednesday February 18 — “confident shrug and twist”

Two unusually busy days for me;  especially this morning when I am preparing a half day retreat for UDM’s 10 admissions counselors.   Too busy to write a new post even though there’s lots to post about just now:  Our student vigil last night for the 3 murdered UNC students.  Every time our students risk looking closely at the violence that wounds our society, they test their imagination and their courage.  And when  us older people witness students do that, we test our imagination and courage too.  So this is a repeat from last August 20 when, just as this morning’s half-day for admissions counselors,  we were gearing up for new student orientation.

Best to read the poem out loud,  with pauses.

Have a good day;  I hope you enjoy snow.


john sj


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