Feb 27 – St. Ignatius prayer of Repetition, Catherine McAuley’s call to the tough places as places of Mercy

Friday February 27  –  “You just have to do the right thing,”   Retired Nurse, Deborah Hughes (April 2014)

“Yes, thus says the Lord
creator of the heavens,
who is God,
who formed the earth and made it,
who set it firm,
created it no chaos,
but a place to be lived in.”                  Isaiah 45: 18

           N.B., For the last school day of Black History Month, I returned to last April 2nd’s story about healing and anger and courage that riveted Detroit and its Metro area last year.   St. Ignatius teaches the prayer of “Repetition,” returning in memory to “some more important places” to find deeper understanding. (Sp. Exercises Par 118).

Thursday  April 8, 2014

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