June 5 – “Confident Shrug and Twist”

Friday, June 5

My last full day this year on Pine Ridge, fills me with stories of courage and step-by-step achievements and stories of tragic deaths of people too young, some from accidents, some from suicides.  Grief and playful creativity in the stories old friends have told me these days.  Here’s a poem also from an old friend, the poet Denise Levertov.  About shocking failures when over confident, and more deeply shocking, incredible tenderness.   Re-reading this post from last August 20 will be my thank you celebration for time on Pine Ridge this year.

john sj

Today’s Post “Poem Rising by its own Weight”  Denise Levertov

p.s.       An article from today’s Detroit Crain’s Business about an urban vegetable garden a couple miles from our campus in Northwest Detroit;  another rebirth story.


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