Aug 24 – Students on campus

Monday August 24 –  “to face in the wind’s teeth”

            About 35 new freshmen arrived in the residence halls yesterday.    They came early to travel together to a retreat center outside the city for a 2 day retreat, a preparation of their souls and imaginations for the challenges that wait for them when classes begin.  All three campuses change when students bring their energy and hope and fears to a year long encounter with ways of thinking that will stretch them.   All of the rest of us who work here, faculty and staff and administrators, probably take a few deep breaths and square our shoulders.  “Here we go.”

The poet William Carlos Williams understood life-weariness and beauty’s restorative powers.    It’s very brief.   Try reading it aloud once or twice, with pauses.

Happy new year.


john sj

Today’s Post:

The Manoeuvre

I saw the two starlings
coming in toward the wires
But at the last,
just before alighting, they

turned in the air together
and landed backwards!
that’s what got me —
to face into the wind’s teeth.

William Carlos Williams

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