Sept 18 – Haiku love poem

Friday  September 18           “Anonymous”

This weekend before the Equinox, media energy grows about Pope Francis in Cuba, then DC, then NYC, then Philly.   Weather today and tomorrow looks made to match the moment:  Blustery winds and storms coming from the Southwest until around noon Saturday.  Then the wind swings around to our cleanest air weather, North Northwest.   Better breathing after the rinsing rains and some sun by Saturday’s dinner time, it looks like.

For this mix of intensities, here’s a shy love poem, in haiku format.  I don’t know the author so I’ll call her/him “anonymous.”

No matter how busy you are, I hope there’s time to stand still and read these few, spare words.  Perhaps as a mind rinse.

Have a blest weekend.


john sj

Today’s Post -Anonymous

By way of pretext, I said:

“I will go to consider the condition of the bamboo fence”

but it was really to see you.”

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