Oct 28 — “Lovely as the roses are, I might rather hide huddled in a cave”

Wednesday October 28  “My life overflows with Death’s toll”

Ordinarily, when people come to the Jesuit Residence for a few days of stillness and prayer, the house welcomes them with just that, stillness and hospitality that makes a place for prayer.   These last weeks, with heavy machinery digging out the space for UDM’s new main entrance, one of our prayer guests found stillness anyway.  S/he wrote this poem to remember a morning’s prayer, when s/he tasted fatigue and the grief from several deaths that came too close in time and very close in the soul.

Right here on McNichols Road, s/he tasted grace.   Best to read the poem out loud.

Enjoy today’s remnants of H Patricia soaking the earth.

john sj

Today’s Post – morning prayer in the city

October Poem


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