Nov 23 – After a First Snow

Monday  November 23 “all the stars stand up and shout”

A long time soul friend sent me this poem over the weekend.  Knocked me over; a strong short poem about the coming of snow and ice to our part of the world.    Metro Detroit is a sprawling city often with notable weather variations.  So on Saturday, some neighborhoods only 10 miles from campus would recognize that the following description could be reworded negatively (beautiful but dangerous for tree limbs and such).  Here at Six Mile and Livernois, the snow fell at a near-perfect temperature (c. 32-35º) and a wind speed slow enough for snow to cling to twigs and branches and roofs and to linger without falling off all night long.   I took this picture when the early sun on Sunday kissed the tops of trees while our house’s courtyard was still in shadows.   I’ve been using the pic as my desktop wallpaper.

First snow of this year and a drop-dead beautiful landscape where I live. says this goes away on Wednesday (50º and sunny) but for a winter lover, it’s a promising beginning.

The pic’s beneath the poem.   Happy week of Thanksgiving.


john sj

Today’s Post- “November 20″

The geese have gone.
The cranes have flown.
The night is cold,

and all the stars stand up
and shout out welcome.


Sunday November 20,  8:20 am

First Snow - Nov 2015

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