Dec 7 – “sitting here together”

Monday, December 7

– 2nd week of Advent

One of my Jesuit soul friends sent me this poem yesterday: a contemplation of the beauty of flawed human kinship. These weeks of December a solid percentage of students and faculty and staff have reason to recognize a collective shared beauty, flawed and even wounded, beauty.

I love Advent most of all the Christian seasons. Blessings on the new week. It’s very short, this poem, read slowly.
john sj

Today’s Post

A b s o l u t e l y Perfect.
No, not me. I just dripped ketchup
on my shirt; and the hamburger
could use an onion.
But sitting here together
with spotted shirts
listening to our poems, is,
A b s o l u t e l y Perfect.

Detroit, July 4, 2011

October full moon, near dawn in the Western sky, out my west face window


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