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Monday March 28  — A Review of the Work Day/Hard Time poetry list

Pre-note 1:

I didn’t write Friday’s post thinking of it as a bridge blending Good Friday’s attention to violence and Easter’s attention to rebirth, but it turned out that way.  You may find some blessings  re-reading from Friday or, if you were fasting from digital media, reading Friday for your first time.

Just below is a new element for the list, a review of numbers and addresses.

Back Wednesday with the ordinary format.


john sj


Pre-note 2:  Some readers do not know how to access the Work Day/Hard Time archive blog.   All 339 posts are archived in reverse chronological order (most recent on top);  all words (poets’ names, words in titles, words in text) are searchable.  Each month’s posts are clustered in case you’d like to browse a particular time of year.   Blog protocols allow a more attractive format.  Pictures are sharper, so is the text.  URL for the Archive Blog:

Original rationale:   “In easy times you don’t have to be so careful about your language, you will spontaneously find playful words, wise with kindness. In hard time[s] it helps to pay attention to word choices.”

 – September 25, 2013 (Initial Post)


1) Number of posts since Sept 25, 2013

2) Number of emails with individual comments sent to editor

3) Members receiving 3 x/week posts by email as of 3-28-16

4) Detroit Mercy IT began recording “Visitors” to the M&I site and “Visits” in late April 2015.   In these eleven months:


5)  Countries of origin for visits/visitors
(left to right by size of visitor count:  US, France, Germany, China, Canada, Ukraine,  Thailand,   Romania,  Russian Federation,  United Kingdom)

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