May 11 “To a Daughter Leaving Home”

Wednesday May 11

Once again, a friend sent me a poem.  Linda Paston is subtle, delicate, and surprising.   I think you will like it.

Middle of the week after commencement.



john sj

Today’ Post  Linda Paston   (

To A Daughter Leaving Home – Poem by Linda Pastan

When I taught you
at eight to ride
a bicycle, loping along
beside you
as you wobbled away
on two round wheels,
my own mouth rounding
in surprise when you pulled
ahead down the curved
path of the park,
I kept waiting
for the thud
of your crash as I
sprinted to catch up,
while you grew
smaller, more breakable
with distance,
pumping, pumping
for your life, screaming
with laughter,
the hair flapping
behind you like a
handkerchief waving

Linda Pastan

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