Nov 28 – 1st Monday of Advent

Monday,  November 28  “the vision has its own time”  Habakkuk 2:2

In the Christian tradition, Advent opens a season for remembering the year just ended (in the liturgical calendar, the 1st Sunday of Advent begins the new year).   It helps to set aside brief times of stillness (set aside digitals) to remember; what in the year that is ending wants a grateful memory,  what wants forgiveness for bitter times, or forgiveness for beauty that, when it ends, leaves sadness behind?   Brief times to all the year to be bathed in affection and mercy.   Remembering can help turn toward the new year with realism,  and joy too.

When seeking a post for this 2nd day of Advent, I found my way to some news notes from Detroit’s bankruptcy,  December 3, 2013.   The Work Day/Hard Time blog appears this morning as it did back then, (i.e., some current 2013 news followed by Denise Levertov’s poem of danger and rebirth).

Reading the poem out loud, with pauses, makes a fine Advent moment of remembering.

Have a blest week,


john sj

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