Dec 20 “O Key of David”

Tuesday December 20

This morning I’ll be driving down the Ohio Turnpike to the working class suburb of Pittsburgh, Baden.  Spending some of the days deepest into Advent hanging out with 5 or 6 Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden, soul friends of 40+ years.  We will tell each other stories of the year  as it winds down towards the Christian Christmas feast,  some of them playful, some tender, some burdened with grief or anger: storytelling as prayer and kinship: seasonal grace as 2016 turns toward 2017.  It’s only a short visit;  I’ll savor Ohio’s northern turnpike again on Thursday when I head back to Motown and our campus.

Have a blest day, the last before Winter Solstice with its graceful turning in the dimmest light of the year.

john sj


O Antiphon #4   O Clavis David – O Key of David

“O Key of David,
and scepter of the house of Israel,
you open and no one closes,
you close and no one opens

Come and lead us who sit bound with chains in the prison house,
sitting in darkness and the shadow of death.”

Key of David

To listen to the Antiphon sung in Gregorian Chant

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