Jan 4 “Just Average Changes” a poem from a young Afro-American man in prison

Wednesday, January 4  – “just average changes”

Our campus is gradually waking into 2017;  staff and faculty arrived yesterday, classes on the main campus begin next Monday.  One year ago today, I posted this poem, sent by Mary Ann Buckley, a soul friend of 40 years.  She wrote me on December 31, 2015 to introduce this understated poem written by “a young Afro-American man in prison.”     Here’s her cover note.   “Hi, John, thanks for the poems. Here’s one by a young Afro-American man in prison — from a web-site connected with an organization that teaches literacy to prisoners. I met the director of the organization in November when she was among those honored by the Library of Congress for their work to promote literacy. I was there because our school in the Dominican Republic was also honored, and it turned out that her mother was taught by our sisters [i.e., Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus]. She’s started sending me her blog which includes some poetry by the prisoners she helps.”

Read outloud, each line works best with a pause.  Short lines, short pauses create a cadence, which is the poet’s intent I think.

Happy New Year,  this Wednesday of our first work week on 6 Mile Road.

john sj

Today’s Post —  “Changing Ways”

No New Year’s resolution for me
No crying decree
No promises, just average changes
Less time stressing

More time working out
Less time talking
More time learning

Not so many haters
A few more friends
Not so much sadness
A little more happiness

Less weakness
More strength
Less Sleeping
More thinking

Change after all…is good
Change after all
Is all I know

By VB,  September 1, 2015

In  http://freemindsbookclub.org/changing-ways

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