May 15 – a signed copy of Denise Levertov’s Freeing of the Dust

Monday after Commencement, May 15

Remembering when I lost my copy of The Freeing of the Dust;  remembering when a close friend restored the book with a signed copy.   Why am I thinking of this long loved love poem today? — Spring sun dancing all over the city?  The new  Q-Line rail just opened on Woodward?   Memories of our McNicols  graduates and their kin dancing all over campus on Saturday’s Commencement, and their fellow graduates from the Law School and the Dental School?  Showers of joy and live affection, of pride and relief,  days for dancing.   Sure the world’s wounds remain.  Today, though, remembering beauty and play wants attention.

Have a blest day,  as this work week in the middle of May begins.

john sj


Here’s introduction I wrote for “Revolutionary Love” two years ago in April.

Today’s Post  – “Prayer for Revolutionary Love”

McNichols Campus April 27, 2006


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