May 26 — goodbyes over a half century in Pine Ridge Rez

Friday, May 26, 2017
Most of this year’s time on the Rez I’ve already lived;  I begin to ease into the kind of sadness that tells me that the beauty of these long friendships and the long love of this land have found their way into my distractible imagination once again.  St Ignatius teaches that sadness during goodbyes is a good sign,  opens the beauty of the people and the place who have once again worked down into me and changed me.  So it is with most of us when our love for where we are in the world catches our attention.

Here’s the post I wrote one year ago,  David Whyte makes good company for the 2nd last of these 8 days.

Have a blest weekend.    next post on Mem Day from Motown.


john sj


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