Oct 18 – The Connecticut shore while leaves change color

For me retreat offers stillness and a soft pace for breathing.   One of my neices sent me a new poet, for me that is, Lisa J Starr’s Mad With Yellow was published in 2008.


john sj

Today’s Post   My Inner Voice Speaks to Me in Mid-October“Listen, dear one,” it whispers.


“You only think you have

forgotten the impossible.


Go now, to that marsh beyond

Fresh Pond and consider how the red

burgeons into crimson.


Go see how it’s been preparing

forever for today. Notice the stirring,

silent beauty of bog;


watch how summer lingers at the door.

Get there as the heron makes its lacy landing

and consider, then, the possibility


that for ten thousand years, that sleek,

white whisper of bird has been waiting for you

to arrive — so it could land just like that,


just then.”

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