Dec 13 — two starlings improbably dancing

Wednesday December 13
“that’s what got me to face into the wind’s teeth”

I woke this morning with a taste of joy on my tongue;   that turned me toward William  Carlos Williams bringing two starlings into my imagination, alive and dancing.  You too, maybe?   Short poem and it works best when read slowly and with pauses .

Sometimes joy after grief awakens slowly, filled with stillness and soft footsteps.  Sometimes joy after grief runs so hard it messes your hair and makes you giddy.  Today’s poem is that 2nd kind of joy.  Whenever I hear what William Carlos Williams pulled out of his magic poet’s bag; I cannot help repeating it.  Try it for this mid-day in final exam week on McNichols and a day when W C W says my mood.

Have a blest week.


john sj

Today’s Post:     The Manoeuvre

I saw the two starlings
coming in toward the wires
But at the last,
just before alighting, they

turned in the air together
and landed backwards!
that’s what got me —
to face into the wind’s teeth.


William Carlos Williams

September 17, 1883 – March 4, 1963

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