April 25 – David Hinton, a poet new to me — “Desert”

Wednesday April 25  “gazing out, the old
masters say. It
seems easy
enough.           But . . . ”

This habit of beginning three work days a week with a poem often stretches my imagination; David Hinton’s few words in today’s poem also stretch me.   Reading “Desert” outloud, strong because of its flint-hard word choices, provides a stop during the work day.  Perhaps it can offer a break in the crowded pace of the day’s agenda.  But that’s what poems do.  Some of our c. 2500 readers tease me about the mantra “read outloud . . . with pauses”  but in a world where so many messages pulse with anger and fear and over-statement, that’s what poems are for.

Have a blest day this mid-week of final exams on the McNichols Campus.


john st sj


“To celebrate Poetry Month, we are sharing a poem from our forthcoming collection of original poetry, Desert by David Hinton.” ~Shambhala Publications

Today’s Post:  “Desert”  David Hinton

Empty mind
is a mirror
gazing out, the old
masters say. It
seems easy

enough. But all
night long, stars shimmer
deep in my gaze. Who

could be that

vast? And at dawn
I’m sure
it’s not me

desert, but wide-
open desert
mirroring whatever

it is
I am.


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