Sept 4 – The Lakota Prayer of the Six Directions

September 4 — taking off for Sabbatical

Dear kinswomen and kinsmen,

I flew out to Denver on Monday. After a couple days in Denver, I will drive c. 6 hours north to Pine Ridge, S D, one of the sacred places in my life.  I will spend c.3 weeks in the BadLands and Black Hills before driving back to Denver for the Regis U board meeting.  Then I’ll pass through Motown Oct 1-3 or 4 before heading into New England for some October prayer time, followed, in November,  a meeting at The Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurs plus family time in Wisconsin near where we sibs were born and grew up.   November should also open some travel time along the Great Lakes especially along the south shore of Lake Superior.   That’s about as far as my planning has moved to date.  More to come.   I will be posting the Work Day/Hard Time Poetry List as usual.  I should be moved back into Motown some time near the end of Advent and the turning of the new year.

During these Sabbatical  months, I plan to  pray the Lakota Prayer of the Six Directions frequently.  For many years, the prayer has helped locate me in sacred places.   While I’m on the road it will also help me locate you, the c. 2700 readers of the Work Day, Hard Times Poetry List.

Today’s Post – the six directions

Here’s an explanation I’ve used to introduce this prayer in various people.  Best to read the prayer outloud, with pauses.

Blessings to you during these months.

John sj

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