March 18 – anonymous, a shy love poem

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Anxieties, anxieties, anxieties  —>  a fair sample of COVID-19 denials;  often pretty noisy denials at that.  They remind me of a joke my dad used to tell from his early days growing up in a Kansas farm town.  The story goes that the preacher had written out his sermon so he could read it from the pulpit with notes that occurred to him as he got closer to the service.    My Dad’s joke:  the preacher had written on one place in the margin — “Weak Argument;  SHOUT LIKE HELL.”   I loved this bit of prairie humor as a boy who worshiped his dad;  I still love it.

Best to read this, to me anonymous, Haiku out loud.  Then breathe a little, then read it out loud again, then breathe a little, then read it a third time.  These frightening days invite some serious slow breathing.

No matter how busy you are, I hope there’s time to stand still and read these few, spare words.  Perhaps as a mind rinse.

Have a blest day,


john sj

Today’s Post – Anonymous

By way of pretext, I said:

“I will go to consider the condition of the bamboo fence”


but it was really to see you.”


Rocky Mountain National Park  during Ignatian Colleagues Silent Retreat – July 2011

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