15,000 trees

Saturday  May 17  15,000 trees on the east side

A UofD grad Mike Nagy  (1988 Electrical Engineering) was visiting  his old college neighborhood and we drove over to the East Side looking for the blocks where the (John) Hantz tree farm was taking shape with the labors of c. 1000 volunteers working the 20 acre farm (check Belvidere and Geothe, south of Mack and east of Van Dyke).   I had tried to find it a couple weeks ago when my sister was in town but did not succeed.  Today with gps help we found the gathering of volunteers, some media coverage,  and lots of trees on block after block.

Still another surprise in the rebirth of our city.


Have a good Sunday.   May the Tigers keep winning!


john sj

one of the thousand vols


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