Oct 21 near the end of this retreat

Tuesday October 21,

This is cheating a bit.  No poem today, just a personal thanksgiving for sheer beauty with some stillness.

john sj

p.s.       from the last days of my retreat  at the home of a life long soul friend,  Connie de Biase, where I’ve come to be still for c. 25 years.

I wrote this journal note 2 years ago almost to the date from the same back porch where I sat this morning.  Marsh and estuary = stillness.

“I can see Amtrac at the edge of the marsh. It feels like a true privilege to live where one sees an ancient estuary winding through its marsh and can pause now and then to watch people from Boston and upper New England heading south and people from Pennsylvania, New Jersey & New York heading into New England.  People aiming at purposeful destinations gliding past a marsh older than they.  Older than I too.”

blessings from the Sound.

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