March 20 — The First Day of Spring

Friday,  March 20  —  “landed backwards!”

Spring does not promise an endless parade of sun drenched 72º days with puff-ball clouds and light breezes to stir new flowers.  A good thing it doesn’t promise all of that because spring never delivers an endless repetition of anything.  Some days stir the soul with playful, kind beauty.  It renews our spirits.  Some days deliver soft rain that brings in its wake deeper green colors.  Some days bluster and make us glad we brought change of weather jackets, or we shiver and scuttle across the outside if we didn’t.  Look out for mud too.

Put all the varieties of spring together?  How to name them as a season?  My favorite spring poem, from William Carlos Williams, suggests that spring catches our attention and renews our courage.

Best to read the poem out loud, with a pause.

Have a blest Spring.


john sj


Today’s Post  “I saw the two starlings coming in . . . “

The Manoeuvre

I saw the two starlings
 coming in toward the wires.
But at the last,
 just before alighting, they
turned in the air together
and landed backwards!
that’s what got me – to 
face into the wind’s teeth.

William Carlos Williams

William Carlos Williams

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