February 22 — “Sometimes a woman simply has to run wild” -Judith Viorst

Monday, February 22

I read Judith Viorst’s poem late last night and, rare for me, wrote 3 poetic lines that the poet’s cadence teased out of some wellspring in my memory.

“Sometimes a poet has to cut the reader loose so she can run wild
and light the whole world with fountains of laughter,
even on a work day Monday morning”

Best to read this cluster of poetry out loud, with pauses.  Have a blest work week.

john sj


Post #1:  Wild Thing

I went for a walk in the sun without wearing my sunscreen.
I went out of town without making a reservation.
I placed my mouth directly upon a public drinking fountain, and took a sip.
I didn’t bother flossing my teeth before bedtime.
I pumped my own gasoline at a self-service station.
I ate the deviled egg instead of the cauliflower with low-fat yoghurt dip.
I bought, without reading Consumer Reports, a new dryer.
I left my checking account unreconciled.
I know that the consequences could be dire
But sometimes a woman simply has to run wild.

Judith Viorst


Post #2:  The Return of the King

In the wizard’s face he saw at first
only lines of care and sorrow;
though as he looked more intently
he perceived that under all there was a great joy:
a fountain of mirth enough to set a kingdom laughing
were it to gush forth.

J. R. R. Tolkien



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