Newspaper features alumni entrepreneur couple

Jim ’01 and Julie Welch in Santiago, Chile. They quit their steady jobs to open a personalized travel agency.

Jim Welch ’01 and his wife, Julie, who also attended Detroit Mercy, had good jobs in finance that they gave up to start a travel agency that specializes in unique, personalized vacations.

The couple was featured in an article by the Detroit Free Press in which they talked about Amaze Travel, the company they operate out of their Northville, Mich., home, and offered advice to entrepreneurs.

“Every day we work, we’re growing tour business and we get to build it the way we want,” Jim said.

Their top tip for entrepreneurs comes from Julie: “Have fun. If you don’t start a business you have a passion for, you are not going to do it on weekends, on vacation, on maternity leave. You have to enjoy it because it’s a lot of work.”

Read the full article here.


  1. Jaime Encinas

    Ha! I saw Jim and Julie’s picture and immediately recognized Santiago; you cannot mistake that Costanera Center building in the background for anything else. I grew up in Santiago and came to the US after college, graduating from the University of Detroit Mercy with an MBA in 1973. And never went back, other than for business and to visit family. I will be forever thankful to Dr. B.F. Landuyt, Dean of the MBA program at the time. He was instrumental in my ability to do my MBA and getting my first job in this country, and staying in the US. My wife and I are now proud US Citizens and after a successful business career, we have settled in Arkansas.

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