Law professor writes of Islamaphobia’s effects on Muslims

Associate Professor of Law Khaled A. Bedouin is a scholar of Critical Race Theory and examines Islamophobia from a legal, race-based perspective.

His work examining the intersection of race, religion and citizenship has been featured in top law journals.

On March 30, Beydoun published a piece looking at the effects on Muslims of the rise in Islamaphobia in the United States in recent months in the Guardian, a well-respected independent international news source.

He wrote, in part “The decision to act as non-Muslim as possible is an emergent phenomenon in Trump’s America. But it is not an entirely new one. The hostility toward Muslims after the 9/11 terror attacks motivated many Muslims to underperform, conform or conceal their Muslim identities, and the protracted war on terror extended the phenomenon well into the Obama administration.”

To read the entire piece, click here.

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