Students learn of alumni support in Day of Giving

At the Day of Giving sponsored by the Student-Alumni Association, students earned prizes for answering questions about alumni engagement at Detroit Mercy.
At the Day of Giving sponsored by the Student Alumni Association, students earned prizes for answering questions about alumni engagement at Detroit Mercy.

This past Tuesday was the annual Day of Giving at University of Detroit Mercy. It’s a day during which we educate students about the importance of alumni engagement and the role alumni play in advancing the University. It is our hope that they will learn about the many helpful ways our alumni stay involved with the University. We hope it sparks the same passion in them to remain involved after they graduate.

Day of Giving has been going on for roughly 10 years, but used to be called  Philanthropy Awareness Day. We decided to revamp it so the day doesn’t only recognize monetary contributions to the University from alumni, but educates students on all the ways alumni are involved through their time, talent and treasure.

At Tuesday’s event, students participated in a trivia challenge featuring questions about alumni engagement and giving statistics. They also turned in piggy banks they had been given to collect their spare change for Campus Kitchen. Students also expressed their feelings in thank-you notes to alumni.

Also on Tuesday, several alumni participated in the Alumni Association’s 30-Minute Mentor program, in which alumni pair up with students for a 30-minute chat about career plans. 

In case you were wondering what kind of questions the students had to answer, try your hand here: (Answers are at the bottom of this post.)

  1. How many alumni events does Detroit Mercy host each year? A) Over 10; B) Over 30; C) Over 100
  2. How much in scholarships does alumni fund each year? A) Over $500,000; B) Over $1.5; C) Over $3.5 million
  3. How many alumni donated to the University last fiscal year? A) Over 1,000; B) Over 5,000; C) Over 10,000
  4. Of the nearly 1,000 faculty and staff who work at the University, approximately how many are alumni? A) About 100; B) About 350; C) About 700

Alumni who want to set a good example for current students can consider donating their time, talent and treasure. 

  • Time: Help with an event, serve on a board, join an activity such as a phonathon, remain a dedicated Titan sports fan
  • Talent: Teach others, share career experiences with other alumni and students, set up job shadows and internships
  • Treasure: Donate, offer gift matching, encourage other alumni to donate 

To get involved contact Alumni Relations at or call 313-993-1540.

Answers: 1: C; 2: C; 3: B; 4:B

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