Alumni Relations program offers free career advice

We’ve heard what our alumni have to say, and are proud to offer a new free webinar platform to help alumni get the most out of their careers.

An important first step in fulfilling the requests of our alumni is supporting your career successes. We recognize the enormous potential among our 87,000-plus alumni all working together and supporting each other’s careers. That’s why we’ve launched Titan Live, which will feature a new webinar each Wednesday from 8-9 pm. Eastern Time.

“There are often times that I reminisce about the feeling of being in a classroom and absorbing new material,” Assistant Director for Alumni Relations Angelina Jaroszewski said. “Learning new skills and challenging myself gives me a thrill. With Titan Live hope to help address our alumni’s yearning for lifelong learning. We might not be able to provide the classroom, but we got you covered in offering a medium to exercise those brain muscles. And currently, the content matter is something that we can all benefit from as alumni – career advice.”


  • The first Wednesday of the month:  This series is designed to get you to your next job quicker and covers traditional job search knowledge like building resumes, acing interviews and networking, as well as internet-related job search strategies.
  • The second Wednesday of the month:  When you have a career plan you will get where you want to go faster and with less effort. This series covers issues such as dealing with difficult people, negotiating salaries, breaking through the glass ceiling and changing careers.
  • The third Wednesday of the month: Enhanced soft skills mean career and salary advances. We show you ways to build your “soft skills” such as  leadership, teamwork, time management, communication and creativity.
  • The fourth Wednesday of the month: Boomers can find the advice they need, in helping pre- and post-retirees deal with the emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, financial and even entrepreneurial issues they face.

“These sessions are led by experts from across the country and with a different webinar each week and a vast variety of topics, there should be something for alumni in all phases of their careers,” said Director of Alumni Relations Peggy Pattison. “Please let us know what you think about this exciting new feature of our Forever Titans network.” 

For more information, visit Hope to see you online!

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