Detroit Mercy vs. OU donor challenge results

OU Grizz and U of D Titan

The good news: More than 900 people made donations to University of Detroit Mercy from Feb. 11-15 as part of the fourth annual Donor Challenge against Oakland University.

The not-so-good news: It wasn’t enough to keep Tommy Titan from wearing OU mascot Grizz’s jersey Saturday at the men’s basketball game between the two schools. 

OU’s 1,186 supporters edged out Detroit Mercy’s 934 donors to win this year’s Donor Challenge, bringing the record to two wins for each University over the four-year run of the event.

“Detroit Mercy supporters earmarked their donations to many different areas including scholarships, facilities improvements and programming,” said Judy Wernette, executive director of annual giving programs. “That means the students are the real winners here.” 

By the way, feel free to give even though the challenge is over by visiting Every donation, no matter the size, helps.

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